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CMB 107 Beltana via Port Augusta
South Australia.


"Warraweena is managed by the Warrioota Trust.
Trustees are G. & M. Steiner"


Many sites reflect the occupation of Warraweena by aboriginal peoples, miners and pastoralists. Several old mine sites, including Sliding Rock, can be found within the boundary of the park, Sliding Rock (Cadnia) was a thriving township in the 1870's and traces of some of the old buildings can still be seen. Shepherd's huts, some of which are available for overnight stays, are reminders of he pastoral history of Warraweena.

In 1996 Warraweena ceased being a sheep station and the lease was bought by Wetlands and Wildlife, a non-profit company, listed on the Commonwealth Register of Environmental Organisations and to this day is a private conservation park whose main goal is the recovery and conservation of native flora and fauna.

Many of the park's features are remote and accessible only by foot or by four wheel drive tracks suitable for experienced drivers only. Some historic sites and several many attractive picnic and camping sites are easily accessible


Cockatoo Hut

Sliding Rock ruins at sunset

Views of the Cornish chimney at Sliding Rock Mine


Graves at the old cemetery.

Remains of a bygone era at Sliding Rock

The road through the heart of Sliding Rock township